Turbopass for Consumer Finance Lenders

Kyle Dietrich, SVP of Acquisitions, Westlake Financial

Kyle Dietrich

“By utilizing a TurboPass report we are able to expedite the funding process and prevent fraud in three distinct ways:

1. We are able to validate the consumer‘s identity with the report; which negates ID theft.

2. We are able to confirm the consumer’s Proof of Residence, vs easily/often tampered with PDF or copy of a document.

3. We are able to confirm the actual income via deposits of self-employed applicants or validate the automatic ACH deposits into the applicant’s account.   This excludes all fabricated paystubs and ‘doctored’ print to PDF bank statements.

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The end-to-end value of TurboPass validates the consumer’s identity, verifies their home address, and allows institutions to validate incomes without the risk of fraud.  This allows for an expedited funding process and the confidence that we are dealing with real and accurate consumer information all with one TurboPass report. The end effect provides protection for both the lender and the consumer; providing accurate non-fraudulent information for the financial institution.  It’s a winner all the way around.”


Operational Efficiency

Customers no longer have to leave the branch to gather stips. Close loans on the spot.


Eliminate Fraud

Lenders can rely on the accuracy of TurboPass reports to virtually eliminate risks associated with misstated income or residence and identity fraud.


Reduce Compliance Risk

TurboPass securely delivers trusted direct source data. All gathering, faxing, emailing and copying of sensitive data is eliminated in the branch/central process.

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