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We provide dealers with reports that are generated from a connection to your customer’s payroll provider.

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PayStub Report

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Have questions? We have answers. Read some of our frequently asked questions and see what the PayStub Report can do for you.

What is a TurboPass Paystub Report?

PayStub Reports are the new TurboPass report type generated from a connection to a customer’s payroll provider. No more checking for fake paystubs.

How much does it cost?

TO access PayStub Reports, plans start at $129/mo for 15 reports and go up to $499/mo for 100 reports. See our pricing breakdown above for more information.

How many payroll institutions are there to choose from?

We currently connect to 80% of payroll providers in the United States. This product pairs well with the current TurboPass banking reports for W2 customers.

What do these reports help verify?

PayStub Reports help you verify Proof of Income, Proof of Residence, Proof of Identity, and Proof of Employment. These reports appear similar to typical check stubs but with more data.

Why did we create PayStub Reports?

Both dealers and lenders told us that fake paystubs are increasing, and dealers are sick of sending their customers home to collect stips.

What if my customer doesn't know their payroll login?

Within the text message invitation, the customer will be able to retrieve their password. TurboPass customer support is also available over the phone.

We created TurboPass to speed up the car buying process.

Ken Jarman, Co-Founder of TurboPass